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One time, I was struggling deeply with math. My math teacher was up to her ears in papers (it was just that time of year). I came to her room at the regular office hour time, but stayed much later than anyone else. As she was getting up to go home, she saw the look of panic in my eyes. Immediately, she put down her bag, and tutored me for another half hour. Even though I am still subpar at math, it was my teacher’s dedication that has always impressed and encouraged me.
For my math period one day my teacher told us to do an online assignment. When I got home I had thought that it was going to be a bit hard. I couldn’t see what grade I got for the online assignment. The next day the online assignment was due so I was very nervous to see what I had gotten for the grade. So my math teacher tells all of us that I was the only one in the whole class that had gotten a 70% score or higher on the assignment. I was very satisfied and proud of myself and then my math teacher had told me that I did a good job and I had gotten a 94% so she told the whole class to clap for me and I was so proud of myself. That is one day that I will never forget in math class. I was very surprised because I was a normal-average grade student, my mom also ended up being proud of me and all that had happened because I had taken notes and because I paid attention in class. It was worth doing all those things because I ended up getting a good grade.
(Algebra): In the beginning of ninth grade I was very discouraged about Algebra. I don’t particularly like math. I thought I was bad at math and that my first year in high school math would be horrible. I told my new math teacher that I hated math and that I was really bad, but my teacher didn’t think so. She told me that I wasn’t bad at all, and by the end of the year I would believe that I was good too. When my teacher told me that, I thought she was saying that just to be nice, but throughout the year she taught me in a way that made it easier to learn. She made learning math more fun and made me excited to go to math class every day. All the years I’ve taken math, I haven’t liked each one, but I will remember this year and my teacher because it was the one year I not only did good at math but I liked it.