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Last year we took in Science class, we learned about the Chesapeake Bay. We learned about the animals, the land, and the issues of it. Then at the end of our unit, we took a two-night trip to a house on the bay as a grade. There, we took boats through the water, hiked through the wetlands, and looked at wild marine life. We took the earth-friendly boat to an island that used to be lived on but was abandoned because the water had eroded to a small size. We saw a huge group of wild dolphins from the boat, and scooped up marine life from the Bay to learn about. We made a chart of all the different species of animals we saw (after we looked at it we put it back because the last thing we wanted to do was hurt the bay even more). We learned about pollution and life on the bay. The trip was both fun and educational. The learning in the classroom before the trip can’t compare to how much I learned from the trip. Hearing it from my teacher taught me the beginning but once I saw it and even touched it, all my confusion fled and I understood the Bay.
(Biology): My teacher is a very enthusiastic and engaging person, so any project with her is an adventure…One weekend she took a few students, including myself, on an optional field study in a river a short drive from the school. Because there was such a small group of us, we were able to take part in every step of this specific study. Though it was really cold that day, we were all trudging through the water collecting nets full of sediment and organisms, which we collected and identified. This particular experience was so memorable because it was hands-on and different. We actually were helping out with a statewide survey of aquatic organisms. It was nice to be able to get off campus and do real fieldwork as opposed to lab work. I had never done anything of this sort, but I thoroughly enjoyed running around the woods with my classmates.