Teaching Girls book cover

This unique book reveals the kinds of teaching that engages girls intellectually, fosters their creativity, and bolsters their confidence. Drawing on descriptions of great lessons written by nearly 2,000 students and teachers, it offers a practical and accessible guide for anyone seeking ways to help girls succeed in school and beyond.

Women continue to be underrepresented in the high paying fields of science, math, and engineering. They receive only about 80% of the salary of men holding similar jobs in any field and still face glass ceilings that limit their attainment. In this climate, how do we educate and empower girls to surmount these barriers and succeed throughout their lives?

The authors review the special qualities of lessons that resonate with girls and show how they meet girls’ developmental needs throughout adolescence. They also show how vital it is that such teaching happen within schools that help students learn about the numerous ways gender affects girls. The authors conclude by detailing how school leaders, supported by school boards and parents, can create cultures that foster this kind of great teaching.

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