Professional Development, Speaking Engagements and Workshops

  • Teaching Girls – What Teachers and School Leaders Need to Know
  • Teaching Girls in the Single-Sex School
  • Teaching Girls in the Coed School
  • Inclusivity and Active Engagement for Girls in the STEM Classroom
  • The Importance of Gender Consciousness Across the Curriculum
  • The Importance of Gender Consciousness in School Leadership
  • How to Connect Effectively with High School Girls
  • How to Connect Effectively with Middle School Girls
  • Improving the Social Emotional and Academic Learning (SEAL) of Middle School Girls
  • Improving the Social Emotional and Academic Learning (SEAL) of High School Girls
  • Gender Consciousness in the Classroom: Improving Inclusivity and Supporting all Learners
  • Gender Consciousness in the Gifted Classroom
  • Gender Consciousness and the New Teacher
  • Supporting Girls of Color in the Classroom
  • Professional Development Workshop personalized to schools and departments

Training and Facilitation of Participatory Action Research with Students and Faculty in Schools 

  • Guiding educators in using Participatory Action Research with students around inclusivity, race, gender, and social emotional learning

Evaluation and Capacity Building Services for Schools and After or Out-of-school Learning Programs

  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Consulting
  • Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Analysis of School Practices
  • Consulting services, including capacity building, audits of the school environment and program implementation and evaluation to improve gender consciousness and gender and racial inclusivity across institutions
  • Additional individualized capacity-building programs for schools and programs in areas such as gender and racial equity and inclusivity, social emotional learning in the classroom, and STEM engagement
  • Critical Consciousness Development
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) around issues of gender and race
Authors Shannon Andrus, Peter Kuriloff, and Charlotte Jacobs

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