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(Biology): Almost every 10th grade student at [school name] is currently taking Biology with Ms. H. We’ve studied various topics including basic genetics, DNA, and evolution. The class generally consists of taking notes and being tested on the material, like many science classes, but Ms. H is especially engaging in her teaching style. After we’ve accomplished what needed to be done in a particular class period, we will often go into full discussions-stemming from the topic covered in class. In our study of basic genetics, my class talked in length about genetic engineering and the morals behind being able to genetically alter a baby to control its hair color, eye color, IQ, and other favorable traits. Ms. H is particularly rewarding to have as a teacher because she is not scared to mention her opinion while giving the scientific facts in her argument. Many teachers will not discussion creationism or other controversial topics, especially since we attend a nondenominational school, but Ms. H always shares her opinions, which ends up making the discussion or debate more diverse, and several different opinions are shared. A lot of people say that our classroom discussions are so enriching because we go to an all-girl school and feel comfortable in our surroundings, and while that may be true to some extent, you also have to factor the personalities of the class I’m in. We are a group of 13 girls who travel together to almost every class, and by the second week of school, we knew each other extremely well on an academic level. Overall, discussion-based classroom environments have proven to be much more interesting, engaging, and entertaining opposed to lecture and note based classes. Luckily, many of our teachers prefer to have discussion-based classes, and the atmosphere has forced us to adequately voice our opinions and has taught us when it is the right time to share a particular thought. These discussions with teachers such as Ms. H force us to be confident in our opinions and adequately speak our minds. Overall, it is an enriching educational experience that cannot be matched.