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This lesson occurred in my 9th grade Fundamentals Physical Education class. Some of the qualities we hope to instill in our students are intrinsic motivation, competition/drive, determination, and responsibility. The easiest way to bring out these qualities in girls is through teamwork and bonding activities. I put the girls in groups of three. Each member of the group is required to row 800 meters on an erg, bike 2 miles, and run 1/2 mile. Each threesome is competing against the groups. The girls decide on the order in which they will perform these activities. Sometimes it is random and other times there is a lot of strategy in the placement of each student. The first girl in each group goes on the erg and I blow the whistle. The other two girls cheer on their teammate. Once she reaches 800 meters, the next member of the team jumps on until she reaches 800 meters....and so on. Once the last girl rows the first girl starts on the bike and they go through each member and then head to the treadmill. The work ethic and camaraderie that is exhibited during this time is not seen any other time in this course. The pressure to do well and to succeed goes beyond their own personal goals. The idea of letting down your team weighs heavily on each girl. When the girls finish the competition they our proud of what they accomplished personally and together as a team.
The Varsity Basketball Team at my school serves as a memorable experience for me because its taught me many things both on and off the court. During practice, we learn many drills and key aspects to improve our game. Throughout the season not only are we learning fundamentals, but we are also learning responsibility and leadership that we can take off the court and tie into our everyday lives. During the winter-sports season, after every day of school, basketball practice serves as a stress reliever to both me and the majority of our teammates. Working hard and breaking a sweat is a great feeling at the end of a long, hard school day. At the beginning of the season, when new players are welcomed onto the team, we are given the opportunity of meeting new friends and learning about one another. Meeting new people while doing something you love makes everything all-the-better.
In Physical Education we have used the sport education method of teaching for several units throughout the year. Sport education involves dividing the class into teams, giving each member of the team a specific role (captain, spirit leader, equipment manager, etc.), and having them progress through a typical "sport season." For example, during the badminton unit the girls spent "preseason" learning the skills and rules necessary for badminton. They then played "regular season" singles and doubles matches against members of the other teams, and finished with a "postseason" tournament against other teams. Throughout the unit the students are given responsibilities such as running their own warm-ups, getting their equipment out, keeping statistics, giving peer assessments, keeping score, and maintaining team spirit. Teams earn points not only for completing tasks correctly and winning matches, but also for things such as team spirit, sportsmanship, and following directions. This lesson allows students to use their various strengths to work with their team members and have fun while learning the skills and rules of the activity.