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I came to [this school] in seventh grade and I was very nervous. All of my friends were going to public middle school for my district, and I was the only one going to an all-girls school. The seventh grade was going on a class trip called Outdoor Ed. Outdoor Ed was a bonding experience for everyone. At first, I did not want to go. I was terrified because I knew no one and I was going to be in a cabin with girls who had been at the school since lower (elementary) school. I begged my parents to let me skip, but they told me that I would have a great time once I went. My class went to Outdoor Ed and on the bus I sat with my mentor, whom I became good friends with. Everyone talked on the bus and I started meeting everyone; it felt great! I started talking to a girl on the bus, who I found out knew one of my family friends. Once we got to Outdoor Ed, I went to my cabin and all of the girls were very welcoming. I talked to all of them and had some of the nicest conversations that I will remember. The girl on the bus who knew my family friend was also in the cabin next to mine. All of the girls I met would hang out with me during the different activities throughout the two days. From dinner to s’mores by the fire and long chats, I knew that this trip was worth it. Although I was very nervous to go on the trip, I am thankful that I did because I met some of my best friends on Outdoor Ed and without them, I wouldn’t have nearly as many memories at my school as I do now. I am thankful that [my school] encouraged all of us to go on the trip and bond because it is a great feeling to meet new friends.
One memorable experience in school was Contest. At my school Contest is similar to what would be Homecoming at other schools. Our 9th graders and 12th graders pair up against our sophomores and juniors. We partake in obstacle courses, an indoor hockey game, and perform a dance, step, and cheer to gain the most points possible. It’s very memorable for me because it was the first time I felt like I actually belonged to my school (as a whole). It was so much fun and so overwhelming to see every one enjoying themselves and getting along.
When the class of 2016 at my school went on the outdoor education trip for the 8th grade, I was not excited at all. I didn’t think that I would like my group, and I was afraid that the group leaders would be very mean. I was so wrong about everything. I realized during this trip that there can never be a bad group because you should make the best of what you have, which is something that my school has taught me. I went on all of the most challenging courses that were possible because I knew that I could trust everybody who was with me.
During our 8th-grade class trip our class was given the opportunity to repel off of a cliff. Many of us were nervous, including me, about this task. We did not have to repel down the cliff if we didn’t want to, but I chose to do it anyway. I normally didn’t do many things like this. But as I was repelling down the cliff with my best friend encouraging me along the way, I felt very motivated that I could accomplish anything, and after that day with my class I feel much more confident and brave about things that I do.