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The importance of geography on the instruction of literature for girls. By teaching Faulkner in my classroom, I have found a local masterpiece that touches upon the collective experiences of all of my girls. We first read the novel and create on online discussions that are “warm up lessons” for discussion that day. The mundane business of the class (the daily quiz) is moved to an online component as well. Class discussions become centered upon the unique Southern experience of each night’s reading. I bring in current articles that connect to current struggles the South faces in terms of racism, poverty, class struggles, etc… Faulkner quickly becomes relevant to them. We are able to journey to the author’s home, spend time with local storytellers who write in Faulkner’s style, and study with famous Southern chefs. By creating a multi-sensory based experience, the girls connect beyond the words. Students who perceived Faulkner to be too complicated or beyond their reach all of the sudden find themselves connected. Within my classroom, I like to look for any opportunity where my students can “just connect” to the learning at hand.