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(Chemistry): Ever since the beginning of middle school I’ve been interested in the sciences. Since the beginning of this year (10th grade), I've been taking an honors chemistry class…For the first couple of tests/quizzes/graded assignments I got horrible grades -- I got a D on my first chemistry test. I then met with my teacher, Mr. [teacher name], since, naturally, I wanted to see what I could do to get a better grade next time. When I first walked into the Science Office to meet with him, there were a few of my other friends who took the same course in there. He was so inviting – “Oh, come on right in!” Since there were about four or five girls in the office, he would go around in a circle and answer our questions. All my teachers before had, obviously, been glad to help me when I had a question or when I needed extra help, but I had never seen a teacher so willing to help. Mr. [teacher name] was so enthusiastic about chemistry, and he wanted us to all get A’s on tests, quizzes, labs, and graded homework assignments. Not only was I more interested in the topic of chemistry, one of my favorite classes, but I also learned that meeting with a teacher to stay on top of assignments really helps…This class and Mr. [teacher name] has taught me to meet with a teacher whenever I have any question, and to stay on top of all my assignments in order to succeed in a class.