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In Ms. [teacher name]’s fifth grade history class the fifth grade was studying for a test. She hosted special study sessions on Mondays before tests for the students that would like to attend. She helped the students with any questions, and they are expected to take notes. One study session she let all of the girls play Jeopardy on the Smart Board. Another creative study idea is when she asked volunteers to act out the roles of famous historic people or scenes. The study sessions were very helpful to the students when learning the material and taking tests.
In eighth grade, I was taking a class called American Studies. It was really interesting and I was highly engaged during the 80-minute sessions. I think it had to do greatly with my teacher. He was unusual in that he took everything we (the class) had to say seriously no matter what it was. The discussion was my favorite part of the class. It was not the teacher who would decipher the text to us but rather our own peers. We would build on each other’s ideas and come to understand the text on our own. When we did not reach the conclusion, he meant for us to, then he would ask us questions that would eventually lead us to it. He treated us like adults. He would listen intently to what each of us had to say.