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(Spanish): One of my most effective projects in my first-year Spanish class is the “Maleta” or suitcase project. Spanish I can be 8th-11th grade level. Students do in-depth research of a Spanish-speaking country. Then, they choose a city, town, or rural area as their “own.” They have to become familiar with all aspects of the country as if they were actually from that area. Then they “arrive” in the U.S. with passport in hand to spend some time as a foreign exchange student at our school. Instead of writing a typical report on the country, they must bring a suitcase with items representative of their country. In assuming the “persona” of a person from Chile, a student might bring a book from her favorite author, Isabel Allende, a soccer ball, typical recipes and one food item, her flag, money, etc. She will of course also know her type of government, her famous “stars,” national anthem, etc. It’s one of the favorite projects of our librarian.