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(Spanish): During my freshman year at [my school], I did not take myself or my work seriously. I was not focused nor was I doing my work consistently particularly in Spanish class, a class in which I was with my best friend at the time. She and I would talk endlessly class after class with no care or respect for the teacher. Because I would constantly get in trouble and would never do the work, I “hated” Spanish. By February, I finally came in to meet with my teacher one-on-one after she had told me to many times. She simply told me that she knew I had it in me. Those simple words were pretty life-changing. I could tell by her care and the time she took to meet with me one-on-one every week after that first meeting that she wanted to see me do well, and she thought I could do well. That best friend and I happened to grow apart, because I realized she wasn’t really best friend material. My Spanish teacher made me realize that I could make a difference in Spanish. I always did my work, and I always studied. My former best friend even began doing her work, too. I began to love Spanish and ended the class with a B+. The teacher, who at the beginning I thought hated me, really admired my growth, so she put me into the honors Spanish class for the next year, my sophomore year. I had her as a teacher again, and because of her motivation, three years later, I’m now in Honors Spanish IV. I’m light-years away from how I began freshman year, and she reminds me of that. She reminds of me how proud I should be. I’m now the Student Academic Representative for Spanish at my school, and I meet with her often to talk about Spanish. I tutor students in Spanish, and she advises me and motivates me to keep going with Spanish. I hope to continue Spanish in college and become a fluent speaker! It is also a dream of mine to live or to do an exchange program in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am without her guidance, passion, support, and belief in me.